SEO Analysis – What Questions You Should Ask – And Why

Search Engine Optimization – A Definition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The method of improving a website’s infrastructure, speed, content, and relevance to improve it’s listing in a search engine’s results pages to reach more people searching on specific topics.


We’re deep enough into the internet being part of our lives that “Having a website” is important. We’re into the part of our lives that “Having a website that gets seen” is essential. A proper SEO plan greatly increases the probability of your site getting seen. Have you done a search for your type of company on Google or Bing and you see other sites listed? Your competition? It’s because they are already using SEO practices in their website. Do you want to get there or beat them? If you want to beat your competition in Google Search, you need better SEO than they have.

It’s not tough to get recognized properly in Google search. It is very time consuming and takes someone who keeps up to date on Google Algorithm changes. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you need to know how much you’re willing to spend on a monthly basis to fill this need.

You should also do plenty of research and ask a lot of questions before spending your money with someone who promises First Page – First position ranking in Google, Bing or other search engines. A quick fix and getting you up there fast is like putting duct tape on an exhaust leak. It’ll work for a bit, but eventually, you have to replace the whole exhaust – which costs much more than fixing the original problem.

How Do I Find the Right SEO Company For My Business?

The answer is simple. Ask questions – the right questions. The questions below will help push you in the right direction.

How will the SEO firm determine the target of your optimization efforts?

A professional SEO won’t ask you what keywords you want to be found on in Google. They will ask you about your business, your business model, your demographics, and your goals with your web efforts. The right SEO professional will be honest with you if your in an extremely competitive space or in a specific niche regarding the potential activity that can be driven towards your website.

What is included in your SEO analysis?

Is the SEO you’re talking to promising thousands of other sites linking to yours? If so, you should be showing him the door. A proper SEO analysis should include your site content, navigation, code analysis, and incoming and outgoing link analysis. It should also include a proper look into your social networking structure, what backend tools are being used, your Google Analytics data, Bing Webmaster tools setup, and other various items.

Your Competitor Analysis

Your real world competition may differ from your online competition. A polished SEO professional will know this and point this out to you. Just because Company A is your number one competitor in the real world, Company F, G, and H could be winning in the online game and you may not even know it. A proper online competitor analysis should always be completed when putting together an SEO plan.

What Analytics Reports Will Tell Me What I Need to Know?

Being involved in the SEO process is your responsibility in a few ways. One way is being able to determine if you’re being hoodwinked with misleading reports. Learn Google Analytics. Learn the difference between a Visit and a Visitor. Learn the difference between a Visitor and Unique Visitor. Learn, learn, learn. It doesn’t take much time to learn these things. This way, when an SEO begins showing you reports, you can ask the right questions. Click Here for a Glossary of Google Analytics Terms.

These few questions are a great start. Remember, research, learn, and ask questions. Ensure that you’re protecting your website the same way you would protect your car from a shady mechanic.