Google Doesn't Call You

Google Doesn’t Call You

As a small business owner, you’re more than likely getting over inundated with calls telling you you’re in “danger of losing your Google Business Listing”. This is not true. Google Doesn’t Call You. Here’s why.

Your Google Business Listing

Google will automatically setup a general listing for your business. If you don’t claim it, you are missing out on the opportunity to control items like making sure your address, contact information, hours, and branding are setup properly. But, Google isn’t removing your listing if you don’t claim it. And any phone call you get that is trying to scare you into claiming your listing – and charging you to do so – NEEDS to be reported.

Who Is Calling You If Its Not Google?

To become a Google Partner Agency for Google AdWords services, a company needs to have at least one member of the company pass a series of tests to gain the ability to use the Google Partner badge. At this point, the company can call themselves a Google Partner for these specific services only.

Google’s “Get Your Business Online” (GYBO) Partner Program

Google does have a Partner program for Google Business called “Get Your Business Online”. The companies that are partners in this program are generally agencies that have an active Google AdWords Partner status that have requested to be part of this program. Other entities that are “Get Your Business Online” partners include local government programs, community centers, and local business associations. This program is FREE – and doesn’t cost anything for you to work with a Partner of this program. We setup our clients’ Google Business listings for free because Snyder Online Marketing is a GYBO partner.

Any business cold calling you to update your Google Business listing in this program that is charging a fee needs to be reported to Google directly. To report a business who identifies as a Google Partner that is cold calling you with shady sales techniques, go to this link:

How Can You Update Your Google Business Listing?

It’s easy and free to update your Google Business listing. Make sure you’re logged into the email account you use for other business tools like Google Analytics. If you need help with the steps on setting this up, here’s an article guiding you along the right way of setting up your Google Business Tools.

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter Your Business Name and City
  3. Choose from Google’s Suggested Results
  4. If Your Business Isn’t in these Results, add it.
  5. Ensure Your Information is correct and publish it by following the steps you see on your computer.

If you need help with setting this up, please reach out to us by email at