Google My Business Setup

How to Set Up a Google Account for Business

Use a Single Login for ALL Google and Bing Tools

What is the importance of setting up a How to Set Up a Google Account for Business? One of the first rules of creating an online marketing plan, keeping control of your data, and remembering where to find it is to use a single email address for all of your properties. This includes basic Google Analytics setup, Google AdWords, Google Adsense, Webmaster Tools (Search Console), Bing Webmaster Tools, YouTube, and all social properties. We won’t go through listing all of those.

Why Is It Important to Use a Single Login for Google?

You need your different tools to trade data with one another. Google Analytics has “Campaigns” and “AdWords” reports that give faster data in the reports than AdWords does. It can give you a better, faster understanding of what’s happening with your PPC campaigns in relation to other promotions and organic traffic.

The Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) will send Google Analytics information regarding search terms, how your site ranks, impressions, clicks and click thru rates that can help determine what your focus should be when creating site content to draw organic traffic. This information can also help you when creating PPC search campaigns.

What Email Address Should You Use to Setup These Accounts?

You should use an email that is dedicated to the marketing side of your business. Never, ever use a personal email address. There’s a strong chance that you will need to give someone else access to this – and you need to keep your personal information private.

Even more importantly, Google has just announced:

“Whenever you add a new AdWords account to your manager account, it will automatically be linked with the same Analytics properties, eliminating the need to link them individually to Analytics.”

For the full details on this, check out this new AdWords support article:

The Basic Rules for Setting Up a Google Account for Business

  1. Use a dedicated email address for this purpose.
  2. Do NOT use a personal email address.
  3. Do NOT use an email tied to a specific person.
  4. Use a password with at least an uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  5. Use this email address to setup ALL of your Google, YouTube, and Bing related marketing tools.
  6. Use this email for Social marketing setup – not required, but highly suggested.