PPC Marketing with Google & Bing

Custom Pay Per Click Strategies Built to Increase Your ROI
Snyder Online Marketing has over 10 years experience creating and managing successful Google AdWords & Bing Ads campaigns.

Why Should You Consider PPC Marketing?

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Target Qualified Web Users to Increase ROI Above Organic Search Results

Pay Per Click Marketing is a trusted method of gaining sales in ecommerce and increasing leads for your services. By bidding on search terms and using compelling ad content, you can greatly increase qualified traffic to your website or app. By promoting your products and services in these forums, you can reach a potential untapped market and begin building lasting customer relationships.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads provide a multitude of ways to reach your potential customers. Beyond creating a paid search strategy and launching a campaign, on-going PPC optimization can increase your ROI based on data analysis and constant refining of your campaigns.

PPC Marketing

We begin the PPC Marketing process by learning your business, your immediate and long-term goals, and creating a research & data-driven strategy based on reaching your target audiences online to drive revenue for your business.


Once the PPC marketing strategy has been built out, we will ensure all details have been combed over in full and approved by you before launching your digital campaigns in Google AdWords & Bing Ads.

Analysis &

Immediately after your PPC campaigns launch, we jump into the reporting and optimization process using data-driven decisions to increase your competitive edge and drive the right people to your ads and your website.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords has created multiple ways to leverage paid digital advertising that goes far beyond needing an enormous budget. SMBs are able to gain market share by implementing Search, Shopping, Display, and Video Advertising as part of their overall strategy.

With the ability to target users by audience, interest, search terms, geographically and on specific schedules,
we will create a PPC strategy specific to your goals to reach your desired customer to showcase your business the way it deserves to be seen.

Google AdWords is more than just text ads.

  • Search Campaigns: Text Ads to Increase Leads and Sales
  • Shopping Campaigns: Promote Your Online Inventory
  • Display Campaigns: Image Ads with Strategic Targeting
  • Remarketing Campaigns: Target Users to Return to Your Website
  • Youtube Campaigns: Leverage the World’s Second Largest Search Engine
  • AdWords Call Only Campaigns: Drive Users on Mobile Devices to Contact You

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Bing Ads – Expand Your Footprint

Bing advertising includes Yahoo.com and is considered the Bing/Yahoo network. Bing Ads has a vibrant Pay Per Click Marketing interface that competes with Google. Depending on your products and services, your target audience, and other deciding factors, Bing Ads may be right for you.

Advertising on Bing can be more cost effective than Google in creating sales or other conversion metrics like lead generation, information request, or phone calls to a business.

Are Your Customers Using Bing?

  • Search Market Share: Over 25% of Searches in the USA
  • Gender: More women than men
  • Age: Mature age group of those 35+
  • Families: Households with children
  • Education Level: College graduates and graduate school students
  • Income Level: Households making more than $75,000/year

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Find Out How We Can Leverage PPC Marketing for You

Gain new customers that are searching for your products and services while building relationships and controlling ROI.