Social Networking and SEO – What Is The Effect?

Social Networking and SEO – The Right Recipe

Proper SEO is like finding that perfect recipe that keeps your friends begging for your secret ingredients. And much like a well received plate of food, your SEO can have the same effect when the right elements and the right amounts of each element are combined.

One of the best off-site ways to garner your audience is through social media. It’s an easy direct way to speak to your audience in a comfortable setting. Whether it’s promoting a new blog post, or spreading the word about a promotion, or a multitude of other possibilities, you can get the word out fast to the people you’re trying to reach.

How Does Social Affect Your SEO?

Here’s a quick video explaining just that.


What Social Networking Strategies Have the Best Effect

That’s a bit of an open ended question, since it differs depending on your industry, the level of services you provide, and how active your demographics are on social. Generally, Facebook is the current front runner when it comes to SEO Ranking Factors in the Social landscape. Twitter is a close second and so on and so forth. But because of the younger demographic getting stronger every day, and technology constantly changing and improving, today’s Facebook may turn out like yesterday’s MySpace or Friendster.

The Future of Social Networking

At this point in the online game, social networking is here to stay. It’s a matter of reaching your audience the right way. Pinterest may work well for you if you’re a crafter, Instagram may work for you if you sell one off products like a boutique, or Twitter and Facebook may work if you rely on flash sales of specific products or services.

The online landscape is constantly changing. Keeping the right mix with your social networking and SEO is not going anywhere. It’s just a matter of ensuring you know your audience, where to find them, and the best way to engage them with the message you want them to receive.