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NAP Consistency and its Benefits for Local SEO

NAP Consistency- What Is It?

NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Consistency Definition: The method of ensuring your pertinent business contact information is labeled consistently throughout your web presence.

How Can NAP Consistency Help Your Local SEO?

Keeping the NAP points of information consistent across multiple directories, as well as sites that link to you, allows search engines to cross reference your data for validity. This assures the search engines your information is up to date and they in turn will boost your local search rankings over time.

Search engines want to be confident in the results they give. Keeping NAP consistency allows them to clearly validate and define your business location and information. Search engines scour the web and look for inconsistencies in your data. Take a look at this example in different listings for the same company.

  • ABC Laboratories, 453 Old Hook Road, Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • ABC Labs, 453 Hook Road, Philadelphia, PA 19107

If your company information is listed in different ways in local directories, search engines will take note of these discrepancies and find your NAP info inconsistent and therefore unreliable.

Creating the same experience across all directory sites will strengthen the relevance of you local citations (directory sites linking to your website). Keeping up with your local listings can give the search engines the validity they are looking for from you, allowing them to list you in a higher and more favorable ranking.

Keep in mind that if your website address has changed the same inconsistencies will be found by the search engines. Make sure your URL is the consistent across the web along with your NAP information.

How to Keep Your NAP Listings Consistent

The first step you should take is to investigate your current search results. Google your business and review the results to see what older and/or incorrect information is out there. Then, set up Google+ and Google My Business Pages for your company with your correct NAP info to ensure Google has your correct information.

For more information on Google+ and Google My Business listings and their benefits, you can check out our blog article here on the topics.

You’ll need to then tighten your focus on other local listings and directories to see where your information needs to be updated. You can run a quick scan here to see what your local listings look like now.

You may notice that your info differs across the many different directories out there. Fixing each individually can be time consuming and cumbersome. You would need to visit each site, create an account and submit your correct information to be updated. Then you would need to check back with each one at a time to ensure your updates are being made. Each time you need to update a service or an employee bio, you’d need to repeat the process upwards of 50-60 times.

Using platforms like Yext can help you in making these changes all at once. A certified Yext Partner can assist you in submitting your correct information to be distributed and updated across the many directories they work with. You will be provided with reports on what NAP listings are updated, if anything is pending or if a specific site is incurring an error with the update.

Manually managing your company’s local listing footprint can be a daunting task. If you have any questions, Snyder Online Marketing is a certified Yext Partner and Online Marketing Firm based in Philadelphia, PA. We can help you to best manage your Local Listings and NAP information. Contact us today and we can make this process easier for you.