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Social Video Marketing – Should You Use Facebook or YouTube?

In a recent article, Facebook tells us that utilizing Facebook direct video uploads is more effective in engaging your audience than using a YouTube video link for social video marketing. (After you read this article, go to the comments section of the WebProNews article that’s linked above – it’s awesome.) We think this is a cheap effort to try to keep users on Facebook and not stray away to YouTube while using Facebook. This is why:

Facebook is trying to keep as much traffic as possible on Facebook. When looking for shoes, do you think Nike wants you going over to Of course not.

Facebook Ad Revenue vs. Your Ad Revenue

When watching a YouTube video that’s in a Facebook post, a user has the option to click on the video title and watch the video directly in YouTube – or to expand to full screen in Facebook. When it comes to advertising and other ways of generating revenue, Facebook and Google are competitors. If a user clicks away from Facebook to watch a video directly on YouTube, there’s a higher chance of that user clicking on an ad in Google rather than an ad in Facebook.

Facebook makes more money by users hosting videos on Facebook and Facebook ads showing on the videos, or the user promoting the video post through Facebook. YouTube advertisers know that if they host on YouTube and use a YouTube video in their Facebook post and someone clicks on an overlay ad in the video post, the video advertiser gets paid, not Facebook.

How Should You Leverage Video in Social Video Marketing

So, in our opinion, if you have a website with a blog:

  • Post your video on your YouTube channel.
  • Create a video blog article including content about the video in the blog article.
  • Share the blog article and/or YouTube video using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

If a page manager has the resources and time to add the video to YouTube and upload to Facebook, it may be a more effective means of social video marketing. The only thing with this is – it will have an effect on YouTube channel subscribers. Don’t worry about how Facebook wants you to use Facebook. Use all social media platforms, your online brand materials and your knowledge of your audience to engage with them the way they want to be engaged – not the way Facebook wants you to engage with them.

It’s all about # of users to these companies – so of course Facebook is going to say using their platform is better than anyone else’s – especially Google’s platform. They’re just both fighting over market share – and in our opinion, this was a lame way to try to change techniques for digital marketers.