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Negative Keywords – What’s the Importance?

The fast answer to why adding negative keywords is important while setting up an AdWords or Bing Ads search campaign is – save time, money, and get better data.

Negative Keywords – The Long Haul

A lot of digital marketers will setup a search campaign without doing negative keyword research. This can be a very costly mistake. By going out of the gate with words you definitely don’t want your ads to show for can immediately give you better CTRs, better conversion rates, and increase the amount of your budget during the first few weeks that will be spent on the right traffic.

How To Do Negative Keyword Research

One of the best ways to do negative keyword research is using the Google Keyword Tool. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to Google AdWords
  2. Click on “Tools” in the top navigation
  3. From the dropdown menu, choose “Keyword Planner
  4. Next, click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”
  5. Enter a broad term from one of your adgroups or products/services that you’re promoting
  6. Ensure your targeting is correctly setup to the language and geographic area you want to promote to
  7. Make sure the date range is for the last 12 months
  8. Click “Get Ideas”
  9. In this view, choose “Keyword Ideas”, not “Ad group ideas”
  10. Scroll through the list of “Keyword (by relevance)” and pick out the words you DON’T want your ad showing for

After doing this, simply add the list on the adgroup or campaign level depending on how you’ve structured your campaign(s).

Taking 5-10 minutes to do keyword research for your campaigns while building them can save you a lot of money, time optimizing the campaigns during the first few weeks, and get you better data early on in your AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns.

Take it from me. It saved a client an untold amount of money on a “Machetes” campaign by blocking the words “Lindsay Lohan”, “Jessica Alba”, and “movie” among other terms.