google plus and small business

Google Plus and Small Business

Google Plus and Small Business – What about Facebook?

Because most of your customers aren’t searching for you in Facebook. Google Plus isn’t just another big old social network trying to take traffic away from Facebook. It is a pretty awesome interface for keeping up with your friends that not many people use. There’s not 800 things going on at once on your page. There’s only the content you want.

I’m not downing Facebook. Facebook is an excellent way to keep up with what’s happening with your friends all over the world and to tell your friends and potential customers about special promotions and deals you’re running.

The big difference between Google Plus and Facebook is that Google Plus is a social networking interface that is based on EVERYTHING you do while logged into Google. Think of it like the Matrix – you can be Neo, I’ll be Morpheus. Reading any further is your choice to take the red or blue pill.

Welcome to the Matrix – I mean Google Plus

You’ve chosen wisely. When you’re logged into Google, your search and browsing data is stored in their servers. Now, don’t get scared (unless you’re up to something nefarious).

Let’s say you spend some time on a website with super cute pictures of puppies a few days in a row. Then the next week, you think ‘I want to see those super cute puppies again!’. So you type in ‘super cute puppy pictures’, the same search you used previously and wham-o, change-o that site shows up in your search results. This isn’t an accident. Google is trying to serve you the most relevant searches for your behavior.

What Does Any Of This Have To Do With Business?

Ok, back to business. As a business owner, think about that for a minute. Google has a bazillion pieces of data on your potential customers, their behaviors, their demographic locations, and more. And on top of it, Google is telling you “Hey, business guy, you already have a Google Plus account. Take a bit of time and put in your business information. We know who to send to you, just tell us who you want.”

You’d think businesses would be jumping at the opportunity. Well, the big corporate guys are. And you should too.

Google My Business – It’s Easy

The difference between a tiny red dot in Google Maps & Google Places for Business and that sweet red flag with your listing down the side of the page is just a matter of a few hours work.

The more information you add, the more relevant your business becomes in Google Places listings. That’s right, get that Google Plus page all pretty now:

  • Update Your Business Hours.
  • Set the Exact Location.
  • Add Your Phone Number.
  • Get your Website Address on up there, buddy!
  • Add a branded cover photo and profile picture.
  • Add your business description & categories.

If this is your first time doing this, make sure you’re choosing the right type of business page. Start by going to Google Business to see if your page is already claimed or needs to be verified by you. If you need help, Snyder Online Marketing is a Google GYBO (Get Your Business Online) Partner and we’re more than happy to walk you through the process.