Reaching Your Customers Online

How are You Reaching Your Customers Online?

Reaching your customers online is why your business is online – plain and simple. Whether your goals are brand awareness, online lead generation or Ecommerce there is an overwhelming amount of ways to reach existing and new customers. But just because the tools are there, doesn’t mean every online method to capture the attention of your customers is right for your goals.

First Things First – People are People

So why should it be this hard? Don’t lose sight that when trying to gain the attention of your customers, you’re trying to catch the attention of people – not clicks, likes, follows and shares. These metrics are great starting points in measuring the success of your online marketing, but it should not be where it ends. Getting people to recognize your business or brand is only the first step to your online success.

When someone decides to recognize your brand, it’s the gateway for you to begin interacting with these people to show them what your brand, services or products are about. You have the grand opportunity to share with them the features, advantages and benefits that your offerings can bring to their life.

Getting Past the Introductions

Only capitalizing on the amount of likes, shares, follows is like putting together a large amount of promotion into a nightclub, getting all of the cool kids to come out and not having any entertainment or refreshments and leading them into a big room with no lights. It would be like saying “Hey, there’s a floor, give me your money and dance on it!”

Once you have your potential customers in front of you, what do you do next? You engage with them. You learn from them. You find the best way to keep their attention once you have it.

What Tools Should I Use?

That’s more of a loaded question than your wife asking you if she’s skinny enough. The honest and straightforward answer works but opens the door to many possibilities of disaster if you use the right tools the wrong way. Here’s the beginning of a very long list you can choose from:

Targeted Marketing: Where do I find the people I want to sell to? How do I engage these people online?

Videos and Video Advertising: Should I create a YouTube Channel? What should I use it for?

Social Networking: Which social channels could work for my business? Once I’m there, what do I do?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: I’ve heard of it, but how can it work for me?  Am I doing SEO the right way?  Is my website up to date to meet Google & Bing standards – and what are those standards?

Blogging: Everybody blogs – why should I? How do I blog the right way? Can blogging really have a positive effect for my business? How do I get people to read my blog and share it?

Google Analytics: How do I know if I have Google Analytics? If I don’t have Google Analytics, how do I get it? I have Google Analytics on my site, but how do I use it?

Drum Roll Please…

Ok, before your head starts hurting, I’ll stop confusing you. What I will do is start an article series! I know, you’re thinking, “Wow, it just keeps getting better!” That’s right folks, just for you, I will be writing a series of articles on the basics of online marketing. This will include where I find my information, how to get started, which online tools work for different applications, and more! I promise to keep it in layman’s terms. And hey, let me know if you have any specific things you want to hear about regarding online marketing. Once I finish my super amazing article series, I may just choose your idea next!