seo checklist for developers

SEO Checklist for Developers

What Do I Need on My Website for SEO?

That’s the million dollar question I hear almost every day. The answer takes more than a few minutes. So my clients and others I meet don’t have to hear another one of my long boring stories, I put together an SEO checklist.

What Does Google Look for When Ranking a Site?

Just for your reference, here’s a few items to check out:

  1. put together a nice list of items that Google is searching for when it’s indexing your site pages.
  2. Google’s Quality Standards Guidelines is 160 exciting pages of what to do for your site for search.
  3. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines from the Google Search Console

The Developer’s SEO Checklist

This list of 32 items needed for SEO will give you the proper platform for long term success. I tried keeping it to a nice round number like 30, but I didn’t want to leave anything out.