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PPC Text Ad Content – 10 Writing and Optimizing Tips

Get Better Results with Great PPC Text Ad Content

One of the key points of creating a successful Google AdWords or a Bing Ads search campaign is creating compelling ad copy to get the user to click your ad instead of organic listings, competing ads, possible map listings, and other options on the search engine results page (SERP). There are a few easy things you can keep in mind while creating your ad content.

Text Ad Character Limitations

Getting your message out may seem a daunting task because of the character limitations. Google and Bing respectively allow you the following character limitations when creating text ad content for your campaigns.

This is plenty of space to get your message conveyed when using proper ad writing techniques. Let’s use a basic product everybody uses as an example – shoes. This is an extremely competitive vertical and tough to stand out in organic and paid listings due to big players in the marketplace having historical SEO value and large PPC budgets. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Text Ad Messaging – Getting That Click

The basic elements you want to convey with your PPC text ad content are value, features and/or benefits, and urgency. There are many ways to do this. Let’s take a look at some examples.

adwords ad content examples

Which ad do you think would drive more qualified clicks to create a sale? The ad on the left lets the user know that you can buy shoes on that website, but doesn’t say much more. The ad on the right would more than likely outperform the ad on the left. To create effective PPC text ads, follow these standard practices:

  1. Capitalization: All main words use capitalization for the first letter.
  2. Offer: Show the user a compelling offer.
  3. Use of Numbers: Use numbers to draw the user’s eye to your ad. Numbers stand out much better than text.
  4. Show Options: Depending on the products or services, mentioning a wide inventory or selection can increase clicks.
  5. Show Benefits: If you have free or discounted shipping, a trial period, a guarantee, or something that differentiates you from the competition, use it.
  6. Call to Action: Creating a Call to Action like “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, “Get Yours Today” or a myriad of others works to give the user that extra nudge.
  7. Build Urgency: Tell the user that your offer or sale has an end that is soon. Otherwise, they’ll assume it’s an open ended offer they can get anytime.
  8. Use the Display URL: Although your domain name in your Display URL needs to match the destination URL, your characters past the domain name can be customized. Use the Display URL to create urgency, use a call to action, or add messaging. Don’t waste this opportunity to say something to your audience.
  9. Use the Character Limitations: Use as much of the ad space as you can. You’re paying for it – don’t waste it.
  10. Maximizing Characters: Instead of using the word “and”, use an ampersand “&”. You don’t need a period at the end of each line. Google and Bing Generally do a great job at differentiating splitting the text properly. Bing gives you an extra character over Google if you need it.

Testing Your PPC Text Ad Content

Laying out the main points you want to convey in your text ads creatively is a rewarding process. Utilizing these tips will eventually become second nature when creating text ad content for your PPC campaigns.

Unlike traditional media like a newspaper article or radio ad, you can change your ad text content whenever you want. Always use at least 2-3 ads per adgroup in your search campaigns. The ad you love may not be the one your audience clicks the most.

Test your text ad content against new ad content ideas. Use key performance indicators (KPIs) like Click thru Rate (CTR) and Conversion rate to see how your ads perform against each other. To do this properly, make sure your campaign is set to allow your ads to run evenly so you can determine the most effective ad. Google warns against this for most advertisers, yet to truly optimize your ad content, you know your business better than Google. Trust your instincts.

adwords ad content examples

Digging into your PPC text ad content and testing ads against one another can increase traffic and conversions. You can increase revenue and learn about your audience by providing them compelling text ad content and analyzing the results. For more tips straight from the source, check out this Google AdWords help article.