Should You Buy a Better Business Bureau ( Subscription?

I was curious as to the benefits of a Better Business Bureau ( subscription, so last year I purchased a one-year subscription to the for Snyder Online Marketing. I figured at least I’m getting a great backlink to my website and some traffic, right?

The following is only my personal experience with the site.

The Backlink

In the conversation I had with the salesperson at the BBB, they assured me that would be linking to my site (in their words) “which is great for SEO”. In my and Google Search Console reports, the link from the never showed. Today, when they called me to renew, I took a look at these reports again – and still no link showing in my backlink profile. Did link to my site? Yes, they linked to my homepage as a “nofollow” link. So – no SEO benefit, which is the main reason I paid the $500 for the annual subscription.


Did I Get Website Traffic from the site?

No. For the period of the year that I was a member, there were a total of 7 visits to my website from; at least 3 of which were me periodically checking that they were linking to my website. According to the representative that was assuming I was going to renew, there were 20 views of my company profile on during the year, which in my opinion is not even lackluster.

Did I Get Business from the site?

No. Of the profile views (20 – some of which were me) and the referral traffic (10 referrals in one year – 7 which were new users), I didn’t receive a single phone call or form completion lead.

According to their website (and yes, I set this link to “nofollow”), “New Accredited Businesses (with 1-10 employees) realize within the first 12 months, an average return on investment of $1,846 in BBB products, services and marketing related to obtaining more customers. Typically BBB Accredited Businesses see the return on their investment within the first 4 months of Accreditation.” This wasn’t the case for Snyder Online Marketing.

What Did I Get from with My Membership?

A lot of mail. I got a welcome packet, a couple of newsletters, some mailers trying to get me to purchase more services, and finally a packet to get me to renew telling me about all of the benefits I’ve been getting.

An A+ Rating, which I did mention on my website that may have led to a couple of phone calls, yet there’s no way of defining if this was a contributing factor to these leads. The BBB badge, until this morning, was next to my Google Partner badge, Bing Accredited Professional Badge, and Yext Certified partner badges.

Needless to say, I didn’t renew. Mainly because I felt I was lied to about the backlink, the main reason I agreed to buying a membership. I am going to check in to see if my A+ rating still stands since when I asked about my rating changing if I don’t renew the answer I got was “I don’t know anything about your rating updating without services”. This is a bit strange to me since before I joined the BBB, I had no rating, but when I paid for the subscription I immediately had an A+ rating. Hmmm…..